The lure of the DVD Box Set – Part 2

It goes like this…

You are seated together on the sofa, each with a glass of wine, engrossed in the story. You are often surprised by something that happens in the storyline and you talk about it, not always agreeing. You think you know what is going to happen next, but you are usually wrong. When one of you hasn’t followed the plot, the other explains. You marvel at how the creators have ended the series.

And there it is: you have been complicit in the experience and have lived through the story together.


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The lure of the DVD Box Set – Part 1

It’s late; I’m usually in bed by this time. I look at myself in the mirror: my eyes are bleary and I feel like a zombie. What’s happened to me?

I have just spent another evening in front of the TV with my husband watching the last episodes of a quality TV series, the series Breaking Bad*. Continue reading