Faces of Kerala

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On a recent trip to Kerala in southern India, I was taken by the people that we came into contact with on our travels. These photos are taken from visits to villages, from a road stop in the tea plantations, and during a visit to a grand timber palace.

All were keen to be photographed, unselfconsciously. And aren’t they all photogenic!

Their smiles make me smile.

About Kerala

Kerala scenes - aucourantnowKerala is the south-west state of India. It is a lovely place to visit with its diverse scenery of tropical landscapes, hill stations and tea plantations, beautiful beaches, and an extensive network of waterways (lakes, rivers, canals).

Spending on social welfare has been a priority over a long period of time; hence, the standard of living in Kerala is among the highest in India. Literacy and life expectancy rates are high; birth and poverty rates are low (compared to other states). Kerala is considered to be the cleanest and healthiest state in India.

Major industries are spice exporting, fisheries, and tourism; Kerala also has a long tradition in ayurvedic medicine.

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Street Art – George Town, Penang

On our travels we like to ‘collect’ the street art, where it is a feature of the location.

Recently in George Town, Penang, we spotted examples in different styles:

  • images created using black wire against a wall
  • witty images using props

Even building sites contribute to the street art (last image).

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About George Town

George Town (also Georgetown) is the state capital of Penang, in Malaysia. It has a rich colonial history, in addition to well-established cultural diversity. Malay and Chinese are the two major ethnic groups in Penang, with Indian the next largest.

A self-guided walk of the streets of George Town winds you through avenues of grand colonial architecture, to ethnic concentrations such as Little India. Fort Cornwallis, originally built in 1786 stands watch on the waterfront.

George Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008.

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