Street Art – George Town, Penang

On our travels we like to ‘collect’ the street art, where it is a feature of the location.

Recently in George Town, Penang, we spotted examples in different styles:

  • images created using black wire against a wall
  • witty images using props

Even building sites contribute to the street art (last image).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

About George Town

George Town (also Georgetown) is the state capital of Penang, in Malaysia. It has a rich colonial history, in addition to well-established cultural diversity. Malay and Chinese are the two major ethnic groups in Penang, with Indian the next largest.

A self-guided walk of the streets of George Town winds you through avenues of grand colonial architecture, to ethnic concentrations such as Little India. Fort Cornwallis, originally built in 1786 stands watch on the waterfront.

George Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008.

Update: Travel article on George Town street art
George Town: the unexpected street art hub of Southeast Asia


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