Restaurant Gripes #3

I know it’s tough in the restaurant trade so they need to do whatever they can to maximise their business … but really!

Restaurant Gripes 3

‘Sorry we are fully booked. You need to call three or four weeks (or more) in advance for a table, especially for a Saturday night.’

The Need To Plan Your Outings Weeks In Advance

There are times when I know that I would like to go to dinner sometime in the future and will make the reservation for the restaurant and night of my choice well in advance. These are special occasions.

Wanting to try out a new (or not-so-new) restaurant is not a special occasion.

This gripe is not really the fault of the restaurants – they are just victims of their own success and our need to be at the hottest, newest places in town. But it’s really annoying when it gets to the end of the week and we decide to go to dinner. After numerous phone calls, we usually stay at home.

How far in advance do you plan your nights out?

Read about my other gripes – The No Bookings Policy, The Two Sittings Policy


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