Restaurant Gripes #2

I know it’s tough in the restaurant trade so they need to do whatever they can to maximise their business … but really!

Restaurant Gripes 2 sittings

‘You can come at 6 or 8.30. If you come at 6 you’ll need to be out by around 8.15.’

The Two (or more) Sittings Policy

I like to be seated for dinner around 7.30 to 8.00 pm. Six is too early, and 8.30 is too late. I can understand that it is not possible for restaurants to serve everyone at the same time, but restaurants that take bookings can manage to stagger the seatings at around 15 minute intervals – I can work with this.

This policy is all about maximising turnover for the restaurant rather than delivering what the customer wants. When faced with these two options I generally say ‘Thanks, but no thanks’.

What do you do when faced with the Two Sittings policy?

Read about my other gripes – The No Bookings Policy, The Need To Plan Your Outings


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