Restaurant Gripes #1

I know it’s tough in the restaurant trade so they need to do whatever they can to maximise their business … but really!

679848_tate_modern sxc huWaiting for a table

‘You can wait at the bar (or on the stairs) for a table. Current waiting time is two (or more) hours.’

The No Bookings Policy

I am amused that patrons are prepared to wait … and wait for a table at a restaurant, or even at a cafe for breakfast on a Sunday morning, as I have observed. This might be okay if you are with a group, but when it is just the two of you, it’s a long time to wait for dinner. And, if you decide that the wait is too long, try and find somewhere else on a Friday or Saturday night!

To avoid the wait you turn up very early (I’ve seen people in one popular restaurant at around 5pm) or later in the evening – which is fine if you have been to the theatre or a movie beforehand.

Otherwise, how long are you prepared to wait?

Read about my other gripes – The Two Sittings Policy, The Need To Plan Your Outings 

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