Restaurant Gripes #3

I know it’s tough in the restaurant trade so they need to do whatever they can to maximise their business … but really!

Restaurant Gripes 3

‘Sorry we are fully booked. You need to call three or four weeks (or more) in advance for a table, especially for a Saturday night.’

The Need To Plan Your Outings Weeks In Advance

There are times when I know that I would like to go to dinner sometime in the future and will make the reservation for the restaurant and night of my choice well in advance. These are special occasions.

Wanting to try out a new (or not-so-new) restaurant is not a special occasion.

This gripe is not really the fault of the restaurants – they are just victims of their own success and our need to be at the hottest, newest places in town. But it’s really annoying when it gets to the end of the week and we decide to go to dinner. After numerous phone calls, we usually stay at home.

How far in advance do you plan your nights out?

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Julian Assange—Where do you stand?

I’m not sure where I stand with the whole Julian Assange situation (WikiLeaks, his attempt to avoid returning to Sweden for questioning).

But I do have a two nagging questions about his seeking asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy:
bbc co uk Julian Assange at Ecudorean embassy
Ecuador was not compelled to grant political asylum to Assange.
If they felt it was a spurious claim, they could have politely said, “Not this time,” and handed him back. So I am taking it that the Ecuadorean government have done their research and decided that Assange has a reasonable enough claim.

Would the British government be suggesting they could take Assange if he had sought (and been granted) asylum in the United States embassy (hypothetically speaking)?
The British swagger over their claim that they have legislation that allows them to override the protection of a foreign embassy sounds a bit like bullying to me. I think they are doing it because they can, given that Ecuador does not sit highly on the scale of world powers. Could you see them trying this with the United States?

Just saying …

Image credit: AAP (sourced from SBS World News Australia)

Restaurant Gripes #2

I know it’s tough in the restaurant trade so they need to do whatever they can to maximise their business … but really!

Restaurant Gripes 2 sittings

‘You can come at 6 or 8.30. If you come at 6 you’ll need to be out by around 8.15.’

The Two (or more) Sittings Policy

I like to be seated for dinner around 7.30 to 8.00 pm. Six is too early, and 8.30 is too late. I can understand that it is not possible for restaurants to serve everyone at the same time, but restaurants that take bookings can manage to stagger the seatings at around 15 minute intervals – I can work with this.

This policy is all about maximising turnover for the restaurant rather than delivering what the customer wants. When faced with these two options I generally say ‘Thanks, but no thanks’.

What do you do when faced with the Two Sittings policy?

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London 2012 and our ‘Aussies’


London 2012. One week in and while Australia’s total medal tally is respectable, it is unexpected for us to have only one gold medal at the end of the swimming events.

If any time is a good time for the chant, it must be now…

“Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi !”

I never thought I would say that out loud. But thanks to Germaine Greer, I have a better appreciation of this call to nationalism. Continue reading

Restaurant Gripes #1

I know it’s tough in the restaurant trade so they need to do whatever they can to maximise their business … but really!

679848_tate_modern sxc huWaiting for a table

‘You can wait at the bar (or on the stairs) for a table. Current waiting time is two (or more) hours.’

The No Bookings Policy

I am amused that patrons are prepared to wait … and wait for a table at a restaurant, or even at a cafe for breakfast on a Sunday morning, as I have observed. This might be okay if you are with a group, but when it is just the two of you, it’s a long time to wait for dinner. And, if you decide that the wait is too long, try and find somewhere else on a Friday or Saturday night!

To avoid the wait you turn up very early (I’ve seen people in one popular restaurant at around 5pm) or later in the evening – which is fine if you have been to the theatre or a movie beforehand.

Otherwise, how long are you prepared to wait?

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